2016 Clarke Rally

It looks like it is going to be a scorcher this Sunday so put the tops down , bring your sun glasses and sun screen, crank up the A/C and come on down to I-town. We will start gathering at the Corner Sundry at 1:00 PM located on the SW corner of the square. For those coming to Indianola from the north down 65/69, turn right (West) on Ashland (at the fire station) and go two blocks. If you are coming into town from the west on 92, turn left (North) on Howard St (at Downey’s tire shop) and go two blocks to the square. The square is one-way clockwise.

Every car will be given a map, driving directions, a pencil and a list of things to watch out for on your Figure 8 journey. The plan is to send out each car at 3 minute intervals in different directions on each of the two loops starting about 1:45. The completion of each loop brings you back to the square for a pit stop. Each car will then go back out on the course to complete the other loop. This is not a timed event but a chance to spend a leisurely drive enjoying the sights, sounds (and smells?) of the beautiful country side. After all, isn’t this what makes owning and driving a LBC great past time. All cars should be back on the square by 3:30 ish.

We don’t want to spend too much time in the mid-day sun. People might think we are mad dogs or worse.

We will then retire to the cool confines of the Brickhouse Tavern for a pint and some vittles. The observation score sheets will be tallied and prizes will be distributed.

We know that there are a lot of conflicting activities going on each weekend now that the summer season is upon us and not everyone can make it to each event. But as they say, all the more, the merrier. We would like to give the restaurant an approximate head count, so your RSVP is appreciated.


Richard & Kathleen Clarke