The Iowa British Car Club was formed in Des Moines, Iowa in 1984 by a diverse group of individuals with a common interest in the unique vehicles produced in the United Kingdom, and a desire to share their enthusiasm for them with others similarly afflicted. One of the basic precepts which has always guided this club is the idea that while you may or may not care for a particular individual, ANYONE who owns a British car is by default an “interesting” person!

Our group is also a local chapter of the North American MGB Register, but we welcome owners and enthusiasts of ALL British marques.

In spite of purposely avoiding any formal organizational structure, we do still manage to have gatherings and events on a monthly basis, at least during the nicer parts of the rollercoaster that is Iowa weather. These events include “natter & noggins,” “show & shines,” tours, teas, and even the occasional gymkhana or rallye. For some reason these events usually have something to do with food … Although we eschew discussions of politics or religion, there is plenty of British car talk and aspects of British culture in general. The Iowa British Car Club provides a wealth of information on purchasing, restoring, repairing, and maintaining classic British automobiles.

If you share our love of British motoring style (and if you have to ask, you’ll never understand!), annual memberships are available for $30 per household. Once your dues are paid, you will begin receiving the club e-mails, our primary mode of communication. For more information and/or to sign up, please contact Connie Smallridge at 515-225-2730 or download the membership form.