2011 Garage Tour and Iowa Aviation Museum

Garage Tour * Menlo Cafe * Freedom Rock * Iowa Aviation Museum

Saturday, May 14th is the next Iowa British Car Club event. We’ll meet-up at George Archer’s home at 9:00 AM. George lives on the north side of Des Moines at 695 NW 43rd Avenue. (This is one street north of Aurora and 6th Ave.) George has a nice collection of mostly vintage Fords, plus a lot of automotive memorabilia decorating his garages. If you attend the Salisbury House Show, you’ll recognize George and some of his cars.

Around 10:00 AM we’ll begin the tour. We’ll head north to HWY 44 and then go west all the way to Guthrie Center. At Guthrie Center we’ll take HWY 25 south.

By then we should be getting hungry, so we’ll jog east along the White Pole Road to the Menlo Cafe in Menlo. The food and pie at the Menlo Cafe are excellent.

After lunch we’ll drive back to HWY 25 and head south. A few miles south of I 80 is the Freedom Rock which is repainted each year, by Ray “Bubba” Sorensen, in a new patriotic theme to honor our veterans.

>From there it’s only a few more miles to the Iowa Aviation Museum at the Greenfield Airport. The museum has a number of very interesting antique aircraft. Admission to the Museum is $5.50 for adults, $3.50 for those over 55, and $2.50 for children 5-12.

After the museum tour, we’ll head for home. I’m open to suggestions for an interesting route back towards Des Moines.

Mike Balch