2010 Hemken Auto Museum

Saturday May 8th is the next BCCI event. We will be driving to Williams, Iowa to visit the Hemken Auto Museum. (Some of you may remember Daryl Hemken who used to bring his big 1950s Mercedes 4-door convertible to the Beaverdale show.) Williams is about 70 miles north of Des Moines, so this will pretty much be an all-day event. I’ve planned a route that keeps us on the two lane blacktop highways all the way to and from Williams. We probably won’t be exceeding 50 mph, so those of you with the lower HP cars should plan to drive them if they are up to it.

We will depart from the Camp Dodge parking lot (by the Army tanks) around 10:00 AM. When we arrive in Williams, we’ll eat lunch at the soda shop across from the museum before going to the museum. Mrs. Hemken will meet us at the soda shop and give us some background information about the museum while we are eating. Admission to the museum is $3.00 per person.

On the way back to Des Moines, we can stop in Ames for another meal or snack if that’s what the group wants to do. Two years ago, we ate at Hickory Park after our drive to Gilbert. Hickory Park would be very close to our route.

I’ll provide more information in the next few weeks. In the meantime, make sure your British cars are serviced and pray for good weather.

Mike Balch