2002 Greenwood Roadway Tour

In October 2002 the Iowa British Car Club along with Iowa Public Television went to the Greenwood track located south of Indianola for a filming of the television show Living in Iowa.

“This week, Paul Berge goes on a road trip to a 3 mile road-racing course that winds through wooded hills southeast of Indianola. But, there hasn’t been a race at the track since 1966 until we returned with vintage sports cars to relive the feeling of speeding through the forest at “Greenwood Roadway.”
The track was a dream come true for sports car enthusiasts from around the Midwest, but budget problems forced the track to close after operating for just 3 years. The course is now very rough but still drivable which brought back memories of racing glory for the drivers.”

Link to the IPTV Living in Iowa Episode (FEATURE 1537.335)

Click on the picture below to view the article written by Amanda Campbell for the Indianola Record Herald.

The video below is a segment that IPTV in Des Moines aired about the British Car Club of Iowa coming to the Greenwood Roadway.

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